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Earn by helping the environment

Each Green Trees NFT = 10 trees planted.
As trees give off oxygen, NFTs generate a new “green” currency.
Help save the planet and receive unique GRN coins.

Why do we need trees?
Forests reduce air pollution, filter water supplies, sustain biodiversity. They are vital for fighting against rising temperatures. Planting trees is the most effective climate change solution available to the world right now. Read more

Our community’s contribution
Green Trees works with charities around the world who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees on our behalf. Trees are planted where they’re needed most, in order to have the biggest possible benefit for the environment. Read more

We have issued NFTs of five types:
Birch (BRC), Oak (OAK), Chestnut (CST), Pine (PNE), Maple (MPL).

By purchasing one NFT, you initiate planting of 10 trees — in the locations where they’re needed most, under professional control within certain reforestation projects.

As your trees release oxygen, your NFTs produce GRN coin.
In November 2022, each tree generated 0.15 GRN per month.
Those who planted 100 trees, received 15 GRN (equal to $15 at the exchange rate on 2 Dec 2022).
Read more: White Paper | F.A.Q.

Referral Program

Invite people to join the community, and earn an extra income! Our referral program allows you to create a network up to 100 levels deep.

Generous rewards: get a 10% commission on every purchase made by the 1st level referrals, and 5% on the 2nd level referrals (paid in GRN).

We aim to plant millions of trees, and it can only be achieved through the efforts of a large community. now and help spread the word!

NFT sale funds distribution:

Each Green Trees NFT costs $10.
We spend the funds according to this scheme:

33% ($3.30) goes towards planting of 10 trees through our partner,
50% ($5.00) – to the reserve fund which allows initial holders to sell NFT back at half price,
10% ($1.00) – to liquidity support for $GRN,
7% ($0.70) – to the development of this project and service fees.

Read more: White Paper | F.A.Q.

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